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About Micro Electronic

I consider myself an Abletec service specialist, after 11 years with servicing all their products for all countries.

Abletec Service spesialist

In today's competitive marketplace, out-sourcing non-core business activities such as equipment repair and customer support functions, is the key to increase business cost efficiency and significantly improving customer relations through fast turnaround times.


As companies strive to reduce their fixed costs, they are looking to close their repair operations and have independent services like Micro Electronic as a service partner, to provide their service solution.


Micro Electronic's strength in service specialization is our technical skills, responsiveness and innovative diagnosis methods combined, to give our customers an overall level of service many would find impossible to implement themselves. 




Our company consists at this point of one person, a friendly and highly skilled service engineer, Mr. Henry R. Holmboe. 

We perform our work in the most efficient way using the highest standards and best techniques.

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